This small snippet is copied from a much popular application.

.text:1000EBE0 push ecx ; some_string<br /> .text:1000EBE1 push '%'<br /> .text:1000EBE3 push '%'<br /> .text:1000EBE5 push offset aCsystemdriveCS ; "%cSystemDrive%c%s"<br /> .text:1000EBEA push edx ; buffer<br /> .text:1000EBEB call ds:swprintf

Translated to C:

swprintf(buffer, "%cSystemDrive%c%s", '%', '%', some_string);

Of course you’d be scratching your head to explain why the writer wrote it this way, instead of simply swprintf(buffer, "%%SystemDrive%%%s", some_string);. To show off great C-kungfu? Or the lack thereof? Anyway, I just thought it was funny enough to post.