I. Vunerability Description:

Uninitialized Memory Corruption Lead to Code Execution.

II.Analysis: I crafted an HTML file called 1.html and opened it with IE11/Windows 8.1, the following crash happened:


The call tree lead to there :

Call Tree

The root cause of problem is wrong assumtion and memory not clearly reset. When execute javascript line:


The function CTableRowLayout::EnsureCells will be called:


Because adding a cell to row, it need to expand the memory to hold new row. First it will reAlloc memory in CimplAry::EnsureSizeWorker to enough for new tableRowLayout. The function success alloc memory as below:

Ensure Mem

But it never reset memory to zero:

The line:

while ( v2 > v4 )
    *(_DWORD *)(*(_DWORD *)(v3 + 76) + 4 * v2) = 1;

Will mark if it exist a cell in that row. And the memory at the moment will be likely:

0xheap: 0x1 0x1 0x1 ……. 0xc0c0c0c0

The value 0xc0c0c0c0 is from uninitialized memory. So if we parepare some holes in memory by our string fit with that size, freed before it reallocate our value will be in that location like below ( when our string is 0x40404040 )


That happend because when javascript trying to add a new Row to Table:


But that piece of above memory will never be reset to 1 to indicate that has a cell in there. So after all, IE will trying to access that address,It saw our value as a Pointer to a Table’s Cell Object in Heap. From there it will calculation and Change some memory, with can be lead to Write to controlled memory and highly possible lead to bypass ASLR ( if the address overwrote is Array Lenght ) and Code execution.

For full PoC code please email to [email protected] Happy hunting :)