Defcon 18 CTF Quals to be started

May 21, 2010 by vnsec · 5 Comments 

Defcon 18 CTF qualification round will be started in the next few hours.  We’ll try our best to get into the final.

Enjoy and Good luck to all the teams.

Btw, CLGT is on the local news today.

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5 Responses to “Defcon 18 CTF Quals to be started”
  1. al says:

    This guy says he was underminers / twosixnine in DC with 40 people (across 4 locations) …
    then he yanked the blog …
    Anyway better luck next year.

  2. Jables says:

    Looks like the final 9 are:
    Underminers (@tlas, drb, jrod, mezzendo, plato, psifertex, shiruken, wrffr)
    European Nopsled Team (beat out their counterpart Jamaican)
    Uberminers (ghost team)
    Lollersk8erz (skating over the world motto)
    Painsec (new team good results)
    Acme Pharm (ninjas of the northwest)
    Routards (litterly)

    • RD says:

      Yeah .. top 10 teams are really rock! Any idea where TwoSixNina team come from?

      The game went smoothly and pretty ok for us in the fist day but it became very bad on the last 20 hours of the game. We had a wrong strategy to play 55 hours continuously without enough of rest and sleep from the beginning of the game. Hence, after about 40++ hours, we were all so tired and sleepy. Timezone is bad as the game ends at 10AM on Monday so majority of members went to sleep while those 400/500 points challenges were getting released. Ended up rank 33 by getting only 700 points more from 3300 to 4000 pts for the last 24hours of the game :(. We should have relax on the first day and focus our energy on the second half of the game.